Modern laws of Lithuania (excerpts)

Law on Equal Treatment Article 2. Definitions [..] 9. Direct discrimination means any situation where one person is treated less favourably than another is, has been or would be treated in a comparable situation on the grounds of gender, race, nationality, language, origin, social status, belief, convictions or views, age, sexual orientation, disability, ethnic origin or religion, … Continue reading "Modern laws of Lithuania (excerpts)"

CERD Concluding observations on Lithuania (excerpts on media), 2019

[..] C.Concerns and recommendations [..] Hate speech and incitement to hatred 11.The Committee is concerned about the strong prejudices and negative sentiments prevailing in the State party towards members of vulnerable and minority groups, in particular migrants, Muslims and Roma. It is also concerned that hate speech and incitement to hatred targeting these groups, as … Continue reading "CERD Concluding observations on Lithuania (excerpts on media), 2019"

FCNM Advisory Committee 4th opinion on Lithuania (excerpts on media), 2018

I. Key findings [..] Assessment of measures taken to implement the further recommendations [..] 13. [..] The Advisory Committee regrets that the Press, Radio and Television Support Fund does not have a separate funding line for minority media. [..] II. Article-by-article findings [..] Article 6 of the Framework Convention Tolerance and intercultural dialogue [..] 48. … Continue reading "FCNM Advisory Committee 4th opinion on Lithuania (excerpts on media), 2018"

National Security Threat Assessment (excerpts), 2016

Information security [..] The media, namely, television, the press and the Internet, remains as the main instrument aimed at consolidating a favourable narrative for Russia. Russian TV channels broadcasting the official government position and spreading pro-Russian propaganda are targeting, first and foremost, the domestic audience in Russia but are accessible and visible in all the … Continue reading "National Security Threat Assessment (excerpts), 2016"