Language Education Policy Profile (excerpt on the state language), 2006

3. Commented aspects of the current situation 3.1. The position of the State language as mother tongue, second language and language of instruction As already mentioned, the first part of the Country Report concerns the Lithuanian language and several contacts the Expert Group had in Lithuania focussed on this central aspect of the linguistic panorama. … Continue reading "Language Education Policy Profile (excerpt on the state language), 2006"

ODIHR election observers’ Final Report (excerpts), 1996

II. ELECTION DAY OBSERVATIONS [..] Instructions for Linguistic Minorities Balloting material is issued only in Lithuanian. The ODIHR did observe, however, on Election Day in areas of highly concentrated linguistic minorities a lot of confusion about voting procedures. The CEC had indeed issued voter education information in the most common minority languages. It is regrettable … Continue reading "ODIHR election observers’ Final Report (excerpts), 1996"