HRC Concluding observations on Lithuania (excerpts), 2018

B.Positive aspects 3.The Committee welcomes the following legislative and institutional measures taken by the State party: [..] (h)The development and implementation of the Action Plan for Promoting Non-discrimination 2017–2019, the establishment of the Department of National Minorities in 2015 and the adoption of the Action Plan for Roma Integration into Lithuanian Society for the period … Continue reading "HRC Concluding observations on Lithuania (excerpts), 2018"

FCNM Advisory Committee 4th opinion on Lithuania (excerpts on Anti-Semitism and historical memory), 2018

II. Article-by-article findings (..) Article 5 of the Framework Convention Support for the preservation and development of national minority cultures [..] 39. The Advisory Committee notes with satisfaction an increased interest in and a number of activities on the Roma Holocaust. The Ministry of Culture published a leaflet and a children’s book on this topic. … Continue reading "FCNM Advisory Committee 4th opinion on Lithuania (excerpts on Anti-Semitism and historical memory), 2018"

National Threats Assessment, 2018 (excerpts)

[.] Protection of Constitutional Order Political and social movements promoting Russian influence [..] Even though the organizations and movements supporting aggressive Russian foreign policy have slightly different ideas, their hostility towards the EU and NATO and the involvement in Russian information campaigns is their common feature. For instance, in 2017, movements supporting Russian policy sought … Continue reading "National Threats Assessment, 2018 (excerpts)"

Holocaust Memorial Days: An overview (excerpts), 2018

Chapter I: Commemoration Overview Of the 57 OSCE participating States, 36 provided responses to the section of the ODIHR questionnaire concerning their efforts to promote Holocaust commemoration.17 The answers indicate that the Holocaust andthe extermination and persecution of Roma and Sinti during this time are commemorated widely throughout the OSCE area. Thirty-three participating States reported that … Continue reading "Holocaust Memorial Days: An overview (excerpts), 2018"

National Security Threat Assessment (excerpts), 2017

Information Security Russia’s Information Policy Changes and Projects against Lithuania [..] In 2016, another Rossiya segodnya associated and Russia’s financed propaganda media outlet has continued its intensive activity inLithuania. The website conducted information attacks against Lithuania exploiting society-sensitive topics: holocaust, refugees, terrorism, fuelled ethnic confrontation [..] Protection of the Constitutional Order Russia’s Compatriot Policy … Continue reading "National Security Threat Assessment (excerpts), 2017"