Presidential election 2019: ODIHR Final report (excerpts), 2019

I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY [..] Although ODIHR has previously recommended that the authorities increase the scope of voter education for national minorities, stakeholders described the reach of these materials as limited. [..] III. BACKGROUND [..] Although the office of the outgoing president was held by a woman,women are underrepresented in politics.5 Some 21 per cent of … Continue reading "Presidential election 2019: ODIHR Final report (excerpts), 2019"

Holocaust Memorial Days: An overview (excerpts), 2018

Chapter I: Commemoration Overview Of the 57 OSCE participating States, 36 provided responses to the section of the ODIHR questionnaire concerning their efforts to promote Holocaust commemoration.17 The answers indicate that the Holocaust andthe extermination and persecution of Roma and Sinti during this time are commemorated widely throughout the OSCE area. Thirty-three participating States reported that … Continue reading "Holocaust Memorial Days: An overview (excerpts), 2018"

ODIHR Election Assessment Mission Final Report (excerpts), 2017

VIII. CANDIDATE REGISTRATION Eligible voters of at least 25 years of age on election day with registered residence in the country may stand for election. A number of restrictions on candidacy are imposed. Judges, active and alternative military personnel who have not retired from the service, officials of statutory institutions and establishments, individuals who have … Continue reading "ODIHR Election Assessment Mission Final Report (excerpts), 2017"

ODIHR election observers’ Final Report (excerpts), 1996

II. ELECTION DAY OBSERVATIONS [..] Instructions for Linguistic Minorities Balloting material is issued only in Lithuanian. The ODIHR did observe, however, on Election Day in areas of highly concentrated linguistic minorities a lot of confusion about voting procedures. The CEC had indeed issued voter education information in the most common minority languages. It is regrettable … Continue reading "ODIHR election observers’ Final Report (excerpts), 1996"