ODIHR Election Assessment Mission Final Report (excerpts), 2017

VIII. CANDIDATE REGISTRATION Eligible voters of at least 25 years of age on election day with registered residence in the country may stand for election. A number of restrictions on candidacy are imposed. Judges, active and alternative military personnel who have not retired from the service, officials of statutory institutions and establishments, individuals who have … Continue reading "ODIHR Election Assessment Mission Final Report (excerpts), 2017"

National Security Threat Assessment (excerpts), 2017

Information Security Russia’s Information Policy Changes and Projects against Lithuania [..] In 2016, another Rossiya segodnya associated and Russia’s financed propaganda media outlet baltnews.lt has continued its intensive activity inLithuania. The website conducted information attacks against Lithuania exploiting society-sensitive topics: holocaust, refugees, terrorism, fuelled ethnic confrontation [..] Protection of the Constitutional Order Russia’s Compatriot Policy … Continue reading "National Security Threat Assessment (excerpts), 2017"