Recommendations by Saudi Arabia to Lithuania: UPR 2nd round, 2016

Accepted by Lithuania –  100.51 Establish a holistic strategy to strengthen social cohesion and to respect religious diversity (Saudi Arabia);

Accepted by Lithuania –  100.52 Legally define the limit between freedom of expression and hate speech, and take measures to ensure that minorities are represented in the social and political spheres (Saudi Arabia);

Accepted by Lithuania –  100.53 Take measures to criminalize incitement to hatred based on religion and faith (Saudi Arabia);

Accepted by Lithuania –  100.54 Propose specific initiatives and policies to combat all forms of extremism, racism and xenophobia, in particular towards Muslims (Saudi Arabia);

Document data: the list of recommendations is contained in the Report of the Working group (A/HRC/34/9), Lithuania’s attitude in its Addendum 1 (A/HRC/34/9/Add.1) Link: available in the other UN official languages

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