CRC concluding observations on Lithuania (excerpt on statistics), 2013


III.Main areas of concern and recommendations

A.General measures of implementation (arts. 4, 42 and 44 (6) of the Convention)

The Committee’s previous recommendations


7. The Committee urges the State party to take all necessary measures to address those recommendations from the concluding observations (CRC/C/ LTU / CO/2 ) that have not been implemented or sufficiently implemented . In particular , it recommends that the State party :

(a) Ensure, in the light of the extensive data provided, that all data are disaggregated, inter alia, by age, gender, ethnicity, soci o economic background, urban and rural areas , and by groups of children in need of special protection, in order to allow for detailed analysis o f the situation of all children;


Document data: CRC/C/LTU/CO/3-4; adopted 04.10.2013, published 30.10.2013 Link: Also available in the other UN official languages

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